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From a tough upbringing, to homelessness, a death bed, and a chronic illness, Mark Washco has risen above all adversity to build an empire founded on mental, physical, and financial mastery.

freedom for Online Coaches

From a tough upbringing, to homelessness, a death bed, and a chronic illness, Mark Washco has risen above all adversity to build an empire founded on mental, physical, and financial mastery.


Mark Washco is a self-made entrepreneur and personal trainer who has changed the face of fitness and fitpro business coaching. 

With a decade plus in premiere level client training, countless specialty certifications, and hundreds of hours at training institutes: Mark has studied every aspect of human function and has an untouchable track record prepping fitness competitors, elite CEOs, NFLers, Hollywood actors, and John and Jane Does.

Whether it was revolutionizing fitness with $200 in his pocket, competing and winning with a debilitating chronic illness, or taking individuals with Cerebral Palsy to win competitions themselves, there just isn’t enough room to tell it all

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On his quest to share everything he has found with everyone, Mark has revolutionized the way online training functions, and given it to countless others. 

Inclusive of creating 100+, six-figure profit training businesses since 2017.

Some people can fake confidence. Mark lives it. He has an unheard of money back guarantee on his business coaching program. You heard that right, you work with Mark, you have all risk mitigated to allow him to share this dream with anyone anywhere in the world. 

It all starts with a two way interview where he ensures victory is a 100% guarantee or your money back.

Enter for a chance to WIN Mark's Fitness Book!

Are you tired of not getting results? Are you sick of eating out of Tupperware? Are you ready to learn how fitness actually works? Start your fitness journey with a comprehensive guide to fitness by Mark Washco.

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Fitness is no where near as difficult as most think. It does however take the right knowledge, mindset, and habits. 

I would like to not only take charge of your customized personal plan, but help guide you and encourage you through the entire process. 

Coaching thousands of clients to their dream physiques has been the second best thing in my entire life. First would be surviving a two year deathbed. 

That experience showed me that anything is possible with effort and determination. I would love to teach and pass these skill sets on to you. 

A better mind, better body, better health. From patients in poor health to bodybuilding competitors: I’ve coached them all. 

Flexible Dieting

Learn how fitness professionals stay in shape year round. Surprise, it's not eating the same bland food every day. It's also much more enjoyable than you'd think​

The Fastest Route

Grueling misguided hours in the gym don't work. Neither does tons of cardio and brutal caloric deficits. ​

1-On-1 Coaching

Very few non-professionals make it on their own. Having 1-on-1 guidance in all areas of fitness and mindset is crucial. ​

100% 5 star facebook review rating

Matthew Punako
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I had been hesitant about getting started in the gym again due to a spinal laminectomy/fusion in August 2017 which was life changing for me because I was always active as a former college athlete and amateur boxer. I’m staring 40 in the face now and have accepted that I am not the competitor I once was. Mark has breathed a new life into me. One that has me eating healthy to increase my longevity to enjoy my wife and kids and all the beauty that comes with it. Mark has faced many challenges in his life and never let that stop him from achieving his goals of serving and helping others. His knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none and it shows in the results if you stick to the plan. Anything less than 5 stars for this guy is a tragedy.
Alison Rowe
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So thankful to have Mark as my fitness trainer. His knowledge and commitment to his clients is truly 5 star service! It’s so helpful to have someone that not only can guide me with my workouts but also has created a manageable diet based on my goals. I have both a trainer and dietician. He’s been able to give me suggestions on supplements, help me with getting a blood screening, and encourages me on a daily basis to make life changing habits. Thank you Mark for keeping me healthy and caring so much!
Toby Parker
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Working with Mark has been absolutely awesome experience. Every step has been laid out and customized for me. I'm looking better, feeling better, strength is up and fat is down. Having every meal, recipe, and work out laid out for me makes this so much easier, not to mention the full time support he gives! Add in the fact I'm saving a ton of money, there's no other way to go!
Tim Wessels
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I've always been into fitness but Mark really helped me get over that plateau. He helped me understand the complicated parts of fitness and nutrition that always frustrated me, like meal timing and macronutrients. He also helped me refine my workouts and make them a lot more efficient. Very affordable and easy to get in touch with! You won't regret it!
Daniel Threlfall
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Whatever excuses I had about my scrawny self disappeared in the face of Mark's gracious but straightforward approach to health and fitness. In less than two months of training, I built up more muscle mass than ever before — real, measurable, the-scales-aren't-lying results. Mark broke it down, made it achievable, and then played the role of coach, friend, counselor, cheerleader, drill sergeant, psychologist, nutritionist, and comedian with poise and tact. More important than my muscle gains is the mental progress that I've made. From a mindset and mental health perspective, the work with Mark was totally transformative. The reviews on this page aren't lying. Mark is the real deal
Carter Harris
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Everyone has an inspirational story. Rags to riches, sickness to health, trials and tribulations. You come out different on the other side. You can tell Mark lived through that, because of the passion and commitment he brings every day- he's not building a client base (which is dumb, because it'd be easier if he did), he's building a family. But let's get to the numbers, yeah? My goal is weight loss- in the three months I've been working with Mark I'm down almost 15 lbs of fat, as my muscle mass is picking up. Also, I'm totally getting the better part of this deal. The amount of money I spend with him feels GOOD every month, because I'm spending a ton less than if I worked with a gym's personal trainer. Also? He doesn't sleep. He makes himself available for whatever I need. Supplement information, what's going on with my body, meal plans, jokes, weather reports, meal adjustments- he's there. Virtual trainer nothing, Mark's the real thing, and he's got some great ideas for you.
Cadley Burns
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Mark is the man! He's more than just a fitness trainer. He's a fitness trainer that can get you results! And he's not a "one size fits all" kind of trainer either. He tailors the program to meet your goals, lifestyle, and diet needs. He cares and tailors your program just as a tailor would for an expensive suit; going into great care and detail for every aspect of your fitness program. Customer service goes a long way with me and Mark exceeds that. Any fitness trainer can give you a workout schedule and diet and tell you to follow and just stop there. But Mark takes the time to check in with you, manage and analyze your progress, make changes where necessary, and answer questions. I also appreciate how Mark is available almost any time. He's open to questions, concerns, or even giving emotional support and encouragement. That has helped me a lot as I have a crazy schedule and he's willing to talk most anytime and give me encouragement when I needed it or answer questions. Lastly, but most importantly, Mark has become one of my good friends. I could talk to Mark for hours and I feel more comfortable talking with him than I do some people I've known much longer. He's been an inspiration to me when I've needed to reach my fitness goals but also someone I look to for encouragement in life, wise advice, thoughtful discussion, and my role model of how to be cool. 🙂 I highly suggest hiring Mark Washco. I'm glad he's my friend and my trainer!
Kyo York
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I've never met a person more passionate about fitness than Mark. I'm a celebrity in Vietnam and thanks to Mark, I went from being a fat cow to a slim, successful, person! Mark has been a great coach and an excellent listener from far far away. Thanks Mark. You're a perfect example of how passion drives the universe. Thanks for turning my life around bro!
Noelle Odell
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Mark instantly becomes a friend who wants to see you succeed. You will want to follow his advice because he will encourage you to perform at your best. He is an inspired individual with experience beyond his years. Those who have the pleasure of working with him will see results. Whether it be mental, physical, and or financial the progress will come. He uses his high energy, knowledge and open mindedness to influence others. He immediately sets a standard which encourages you to live up to a potential you didn’t know you had. I worked with mark on my fitness goals. He taught me how to train and eat properly. The knowledge I gained working with him will stick with me for life. I now have the confidence to lift around the muscle heads at my gym ( no offense ❤️). I have received compliment on my form while lifting and continue to get stronger. The more I practice what Mark has given me, the more I improve. If you couldn’t tell already, I highly recommend Mark Washco!

WHy work with me

Many professionals in this industry love to tell you how they are the best at what they do.

Unfortunately it’s hard to tell who can walk the walk. Pages full of fake or paid reviews are easy to make.

I encourage anyone interested in the program to look at the real reviews left by real clients on Facebook!

I’d love to show you what more than ten years of experience in personal training, dozens of certifications, and an affinity for life coaching can bring you! 

When genuine care meets a decade plus of experience, the results are staggering.

An appropriate understanding of nutrition, a customized plan, customized workouts, full supplementation protocols.

All these are necessary for a client to soar with ease to their fitness goals.

Not only do I custom create all clients work: I have been doing so for over a decade with great accuracy and efficacy!

I hate the word life coach.

With that said: I’d like to not only get you motivated to workout, but change your habits and attitude towards life in general.

Let’s create another winner. Improving sleep, confidence, libido, etc are all crucial to being the individual you want to be.

I was never the best version of me until I laid for two years dying in a hospital. So much was shown to me about appreciation for this gift called life.

I’d like to share all of this with you

My clients are my friends. We have fun, we joke, we get to business.

In all my years of training, having: JUST a client was a hard thing to do. When your job is caring enough to get many individuals to their goals, caring makes the job a lot easier.

I speak with my clients weekly to ensure goals are met and their minds stay hungry for more success.

Why not have some fun with it?