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3 mistakes online personal trainers are making

Mark Washco, nationally certified personal trainer, deathbed survivor, & global entrepreneur, will teach you how to start earning 6-figures with his Online Fitness Business Coaching program.

Before we get started:

Who the Hell is Giving Me This Advice?

Meet Mark Washco.

Mark has revolutionized online personal training and is now sharing this knowledge with other coaches all around the world though his money-back guaranteed business coaching program.

Mark provides a one-stop-shop that helps trainers build an online identity, set up workout and dieting plans, market and advertise online, and most importantly – find clients and close deals.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

mistake #1:

Selling Low Ticket vs High Ticket

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One of the biggest questions I get from personal trainers is whether you should start off selling low-ticket items or high-ticket items.

A low-ticket item is something with a lower price tag, like an eBook or a specific workout PDF that you can sell for $20 to $30. Where a high-ticket item, like custom online training packages, could cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000+ dollars.

Believe it or not – the answer is to always sell a high-ticket item.

Here’s why…

When it comes down to a “time vs money” perspective, low-ticket items require WAY more time, effort, and upkeep.

Not only do you need to create the product, but you will then need to build an automated sales funnel, set up a marketing campaign, make adjustments to optimize that campaign, etc.

Think about it.

Low-ticket items must be automated. If you were to try and sell an eBook in a more personalized approach, it could potentially take you 1 hour to close a sale. This is limiting you to earning only $20 to $50 dollars an hour. If you’re lucky.

In comparison, when you are selling a high-ticket item, you can afford to spend half a day trying to close an online personal training program for $1,000 and win every time. Now imagine selling numerous a day.

It’s all about time vs money and high-ticket will always allow you to gain that financial freedom and balance everyone is trying to achieve.

mistake #2:

Selling Your Time For Money and Video Sessions

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Many personal trainers who move their business online make the mistake of providing scheduled video sessions instead of a building out a systemized program.

It’s easy to understand why, but we’re back to destroying your freedom.

Most in-person trainers charge by the hour.

You follow your client to each workout, count their reps, and hold their water bottles. You’re subject to cancellation windows and the early and late client.

However, many trainers take this limiting system, and just move it online for even less money than they earned in person, per hour.

Again, think of it as time vs money.

Instead of dividing your days up by the hour, you should build out a systemized program that provides your client with everything they need to have massive quality of life increase, and results.

Not only does the client pay a fraction, but you earn more, and the client gains something permanent.

Easy sell. Happy clients. Financial freedom.

Best yet, you can stop wasting your time on what provides the client with the least amount of value, counting reps and holding a water bottle.

mistake #3:

Not Building a Character Archetype

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One of the biggest mistakes I see online personal trainers make is: they forget the psychology of sales. Many seem to only post pictures of their bodies without showcasing who the heck they are.

Listen, it’s amazing that you have a perfect 6 pack and a bodacious booty for days, but who is the person behind your physique?

For most clients, it’s not all about how fit you are, although it counts. Any client can take a look at your pictures and assume that you know how to get people fit.

But what is it about you that separates you from other online personal trainers? 

Who are you?

How will you treat them?

Are you kind, caring, and trustworthy?

Again, all of this matters, so let’s convey that in a memorable way. Truly it’s easy and natural.

Be omnipresent. Be a human. Be a leader.

Think about seeing yourself from a potential client’s point of view.

So many people struggle with social anxiety and self confidence issues. This is just to name a few.

If you were looking for a personal trainer, wouldn’t you be way more likely to get in touch with someone that you felt comfortable with?

By tapping into REAL displays of empathy and humanity, we are able to create a brand identity that is instantly likable and approachable.

You become “safe”. You become trusted, well beyond your expertise.

I’m all about showing off your muscles, but you know what else is a muscle? Your heart.
Yeah, I said it. No regrets.

In Conclusion:

Let's Put These Tips to Work!

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