It's Time To Become Your Hero

We are Advance Collective, a communal initiative aimed at helping individuals become the best version of themselves.

Social media sucks right now, doesn’t it?

When you scroll down your feed all you see are politicians, depressing news, and comment chains of people being awful to one another.

It’s time to put some good back into this world, wouldn’t you agree?

(Punch with bang noise, or karate chop, or huge explosion with nothing held back)

 We are Advance Collective, a private Facebook community of incredible people led by a team of elite level rockstar coaches.

Each week, we bring an unreal level of mentorship, guidance, and support on all of these topics and then some:



Mental health


Plus a whole lot more, including...

contests & prizes


positive news

Meet The Team

Mark Washco

Mark Washco is a nationally certified personal trainer, self made serial entrepreneur, survivor, and life coach. 

From a tough upbringing, to homelessness, a death bed, and a chronic illness, Mark Washco has risen above all adversity to build an empire founded on mental, physical, and financial mastery.

Brett Knopf

Brett Knopf is responsible for overseeing 25mm in annual revenue and 250+ Trainers/Managers for the largest PT business in the world, owns two additional businesses and is regarded as an expert speaker on the topics of sales, networking, time management/organization, goal setting, and personal development.

His primary motivation is in helping people overcome their obstacles and surprise themselves with all that they are capable of.

Marc "Doobz" Dubois

Marc “Doobz” Dubois is a nationally certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, trophy winning men’s physique athlete, and entrepreneur.

He accomplished all of this despite the fact that he was born 2 months early with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and a chronic condition similar to cerebral palsy.

He had 18 medical procedures before his 18th birthday, had to learn how to walk 4 different times. and spent a year of his life in a hospital bed recovering.

From the beginning, all signs indicated he would live a limited life, but he chose to live by his mantra “Life Above Limits.”

Chase Burnett

Chase Burnett is a Television Actor, and Nationally Certified Personal Trainer.

Chase can be seen on Law & Order: SVU, Shattered, Unforgettable and Ghost on Stars. He’s been featured in commercials for BMW, Men’s Health, Gillette, ESPN, and more.

Chase loves the outdoors and practices/competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Aubrey Hunt

Aubrey Hunt is an entrepreneur, business owner, fitness competitor, former division-1 athlete, nationally certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and certified bad-ass. Her degree is in motivational psychology.

She attributes her strong mindset and resilience to the adversity she has faced throughout her life. She specializes in pinpointing an individual’s deepest struggles and transforming their mentality and self confidence to improve their lifestyle permanently.

Terrence Fullum

Terrence Fullum is an NCCPT Certified fitness coach, a Multiple Business Owner, former Division 1 Football player and current Professional Arena Football Player.His super power is his resilience. 

There has never been a challenge that has gotten the best of him. He either came out victorious, or learned an essential life lesson. His passion lies in spreading physical strength, mental toughness, and love of self to others.

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